Infotainment site compiled a list of what they are calling the most "ghetto" cities in Maine. Do you agree with their list?

Marcio Silva

Undoubtedly, infotainment site is sure to stir up controversy with their latest list of the 10 most "ghetto" cities in the State of Maine. Roadsnacks used the term "ghetto" based on its Urban Dictionary definition meaning "poor; or relating to the poor life".

Before we get into the list, lets take a brief look at the criteria that Roadsnacks used to come up with their conclusions.

  • Household income
  • High School graduation rate
  • Number of convenience stores (ex: 7-11)
  • Number of drug stores (ex: Rite Aid)
  • Crime Rate

After compiling all of the data in those categories, Roadsnacks delivered this list of the 10 most "ghetto" cities in Maine. For the sake of our own sanity, we'll only detail the top 5.

1. Sanford

Jokingly referred to as "Sanfid" by some, based on the criteria Roadsnacks used, things look bleak in Sanford. The town has the 10th lowest household income in the entire state, has a high school dropout rate of nearly one quarter of its students and a crime rate that is the 8th highest in Maine. Yikes.

2. Waterville

Based on the statistics, one could ask why Waterville isn't #1 on the this list. Waterville has worse household income numbers than Sanford and a marginally higher crime rate. The high school dropout rates are better though, with only 19% of students. ONLY.

3. Lewiston

It might come as a surprise to many that Lewiston has only the 12th lowest household income in the state. It may be an even bigger surprise that Lewiston's crime rate is ranked as the 14th worst in the state. Unfortunately, its education that puts Lewiston 3rd on this list. Statistics show that nearly a quarter of Lewiston's residents do not possess a high school diploma. That is a staggering statistic.

4. Skowhegan

If you've ever heard Skowhegan referred to as "SkowVegas", be sure to mention that Skowhegan ranks 4th on this list based mostly on how poor it is, Skowhegan has the lowest average household income in the entire state. Additionally, Skowhegan isn't far behind Lewiston in education, with almost 1 out of every 5 residents not in possession of a high school diploma.

5. Augusta

Our state capital doesn't just generate news due to Governor LePage. As it turns out, statistics show Augusta has the highest crime rate of any city/town in Maine. Augusta isn't flush with cash either, households there average the 5th lowest income in the state. The icing on the cake is that Augusta nearly has the most discount shopping stores per person in all of Maine.

Roadsnacks continues the list in detail in their article here. They also detail the LEAST "ghetto" cities in Maine as well. So what do you think? Do you agree with the list? Are the statistics indisputable or is Roadsnacks just picking on towns with bad reputations?