Travel along the roads of Maine long enough and eventually you'll believed you've seen everything. But even those weathered travelers of Vacationland couldn't believe their eyes this weekend as along a rather busy section of road known as Route 4 sat a brand new snowmobile that someone apparently either left behind or it somehow fell of of their trailer.

Shared on Facebook by Eric Wurslin, the picture of several passersby stopped and looking around for the owner of this beautiful Polaris snowmobile has gone viral. The post has been shared more than 5,000 times with comments flooding many of the shares asking the same question over and over,

"How does someone not notice that they don't have their expensive snowmobile packed on a trailer or how does someone not realize it's fallen off the trailer?"

It's a fair question and hopefully by now, it's been answered. Because we'd hate to know someone was visiting Rangeley for some right-before-spring sledding and had such a phenomenal time that they forgot to pack the whole reason they drove that entire way. And whomever this sled does belong to, this will remain a lifelong memory for your friends to share around a campfire, "remember that time you didn't strap the sled in and it fell off the trailer?".

Don't worry, winter is almost over and we can all just forget this ever happened.

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