Find out how you can help our pal out on the road making Maine shine! 

For those unaware, Spose and some of his PDank crew are on the road for two months around the country. They're on a tour with MC Chris and MC Lars. Yesterday in St. Louis their van was robbed. They lost a lot.

This is from Spose's FB page. (warning, NSFW and NSFKids due to language)

So, our tour van was just robbed around 12:30 pm today in St. Louis in broad daylight outside of Pappy's Smokehouse. We lost everything. Multiple laptops, all our musical equipment, my canon 5d mark ii camera and lenses, everything I use to record my music, my mic, my apogee duet, my ipad, clothes, phones, my friend GodDamnChan lost every beat he's ever made, all my external hard drives containing all the music I had made for my next album(s). We filed a police report and changed passwords and called State Farm but nothing can replace what we lost. We were in the restaurant for 30 minutes. And they essentially took my job, all the work I had done for the past two years building up to 2015. Gone. There's no amount of likes or comments that'll bring anything back, I just wanted to let the people who robbed us know FUCK YOU and let our fans know I'll be performing the next few shows with limited resources on this tour (and I will be a little late to the show tonight). So please know I normally would have a more organized set than whatever I'll have to scrounge together here on my way to Kansas. I'm done with St Louis, if you wanna see me perform in the future come to Chicago or something cuz St Louis is dead to me. Just took all the work I had to done to support and feed my family in 2015 away from me. 

If you know me, however, you know I'm not all doom and gloom and pessimistic. So, I would be remiss to not point out that my family is safe, nobody got hurt, I am healthy, I've lived a good, relatively painful, peaceful life and the sun is still shining. BUT SERIOUSLY FUCK WHOEVER STOLE MY SHIT!!!

That's the boys having lunch while some jerks were outside lifting the goods from their van. Luckily no one was hurt, they still have some clothes and their tour merchandise which can help them make some money back.

The music and family pics and personal stuff on those computers will never be replaced, but the equipment needs to be replaced sooner than later. The boys are trying to finish the next month of the tour best they can with the help of Spose's people out there!

Hours after this went down, someone from Spose's Army set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the guys to get new equipment and new electronics. People from all over the country and beyond have come to the table in a hurry to help Spizzy out. It's amazing to see $11 from some kid in Kansas and $100 from someone anonymous.

We all know how good Spose has been to Mainers through charities and benefits, etc. I personally know him to not only be one of the most generous musicians in Maine, but one of the most generous people I know, period. He helps people out time and time again. Well, he could use the help now folks.

Here is the link to his GoFundMe Campaign.... CLICK RIGHT HERE TO SUPPORT