The self-proclaimed "King of Maine" does it again, with a killer new gaming app where you can hear his new music, travel through Maine and potentially fight the Governor. 

You've simply got to hand it to Spose, he keeps coming up with new and inventive ways to get his music heard. Spose teaming with O'Chang Comics for an amazing new app game called the King of Maine (which is $1.99 to download on your App Store) in which you play as Spose himself and journey through Maine unlocking new songs from his forthcoming album "Good Luck With Your Life".

You couldn't toss Maine in the title of your game and not have some very clear Maine trademarks involved. You'll toss Bean boots at bad guys (hipsters, no less) and collect pine cones as your attempt to climb the ladder to becoming the king of Maine. There's one big boss you'll still have to defeat, Governor Paul LePage, before you can wear the crown. All along the way as you accomplish achievements, you'll unlock new song's from Spose's forthcoming album due out in stores on May 5th.

Ingenious, right? It is, and on top of that, the game is actually really fun to play. So hop on to that smartphone of yours and become the King of Maine...and make sure to keep the volume up!

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