For some, it's just unexplainable. The fascination that people from Maine have with visiting transfer stations (aka the dump) across the state. Got a Saturday morning with nothing to do? Toss a few bags in the car and head to the dump. Sure, you could sell that old desk in a yard sale, but it's sitting around taking up space. What do you do? Bring it to the dump, bub. So what IS the fascination? Perhaps the South Portland transfer facility can help clear things up.

Shared on Reddit by noodlesprivates, the South Portland transfer facility has erected the kinkiest sign in Maine. It goes without saying that your mind definitely needs to be in the gutter to find this funny, but even if it's not, most reasonable people would walk away thinking, "there's got to be a different way to say that".

But apparently, there is not. Thus, if you're holding onto a hot load and you're looking for a place to dump it, you know exactly where to go now. It's going to cost you of course, but at least you'll know that you dumped your hot load into the right spot. And before you try to pull any hijinx, cold loads are not allowed.

So yeah, it's a little kinky, it's a little weird. But that's Maine, right?

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