So, winter might not be canceled after all. Last week's potential Nor'Easter fell apart, leaving most of New England with two minor storms that became more a nuisance than a winter lovers dream. While the atmospheric conditions have been playing ball recently, the question for a lot of forecasters has been, "where is the snow?". Well, patience is key. And this coming weekend has a chance to bring home the goods.

A large storm appears destined to crush all of New England on Sunday night into Monday leaving behind up to a foot of snow in some areas. Unlike the last storm pattern that was always a little unstable, this one is much more eager to play. Where the exact hits are going to be is still up for debate, but you can rest assured you will see some snow next weekend.

As for Maine specifically, some models have the southern portion of the state taking the brunt of the hit, with more than a foot of snow dropping over a 24 hour period. Other models, including the reliable Euro model, have the mountains and foothills of Maine getting hammered by the white stuff. That's music to ears of ski mountains and the enthusiasts that follow.

So don't put away those shovels quite yet. It's been a quiet winter so far, but this weekend may change things. Stay tuned.

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