The City of Westbrook is holding its first ever scavenger hunt on Saturday, November 30th. The scavenger hunt will take teams of up to 5 people throughout the city, to local businesses, landmarks and other settings that players will have to discover via clues and puzzles. The teams that gather the most point over the course of the two-hour scavenger hunt will be awarded prizes at the after party.


Teams that participate will download a specialized app that will guide you along the scavenger hunt path as teams attempt to solve brain teasers, answer trivia questions and unlock as many points as they possibly can. There isn't one direct path to score points, meaning teams that are stronger in one area of the hunt versus another can play to their strengths. The Westbrook scavenger hunt will go from 12pm-2pm.

The Westbrook scavenger hunt will be capped at 125 participants total so if you're interested in creating a team and taking part, you'll need to act quickly. You'll need to have at least 2 people to create a team and there is a per-person fee for join the scavenger hunt. All entry fees will be donated to My Place Teen Center, a free, year-round after school program.


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