Bad blood between The Red Sox and Yankees goes back further than video technology can record. Thankfully, cameras captured much of the fisticuffs over the past 50 years and I've got 5 of the best.

Red Sox-Yankees Fight in 2018

I'm putting this one in first not only because it's the most recent, but because Joe Kelly hits Tyler Austin in the back with a fastball AND THEN punches him repeatedly in the head.

Red Sox-Yankees Fight in 2004

Varitek shoving his glove into A Rod's face is right up there with 'The Flying Bobby' when it comes to posters that NEED to be in any Boston fan's mancave.

This merry band of 'Idiots' would not only break the curse later that year, but won this game with a Bill Mueller walk off homer. A WIN/WIN for the ages!

Red Sox-Yankees Fight in 2003

Pedro Martinez and Roger Clemens. Pedro Martinez and Don Zimmer.

Since the 2003 ALCS ended with Aaron Boone's Game 7 home run, I'd rather stop writing about this and just enjoy this melee for the circus it was.

Red Sox-Yankees Fight in 1976

Based on pure theater AND talent, this 1976 debacle between these ancient rivals may be the best of them all.

In Bill 'Spaceman' Lee's memoir, 'The Wrong Stuff', his recollection of this nasty brou-ha-ha was a true riot in every sense of the word.

50,000 plus fans booing him as he barely could walk off the field at Yankee Stadium is something that Hollywood and Josh Duhamel could never hope to replicate.

Red Sox-Yankees Brawl in 1967

Televised Red Sox baseball was a rare treat back when there were only three channels and rabbit ears on the set. That's what makes this fight footage so cool. AND it's in color (I think).

My Dad always said that 'Gentleman Jim' Lonborg was never afraid to 'pitch inside', it takes precisely 27 seconds to find out that he wasn't kidding. Watch the video here.

Great stuff!

I can only imagine how many more brawls like these await the 2018 Sox and Yanks and there's still SIXTEEN more matchups on the schedule!

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