An incredible story out of southern Maine was recently shared on social media. It's a story about a heroic and determined little girl, who rose up when it mattered most.

The York Police Department posted this amazing account of how 9-year-old Violet Gould helped save her mother Veronica's life.

According to the York Police, Violet's decision to call 911 was ultimately the major factor in saving her mother. Violet made the call after she found her mother unresponsive. After discussion with the dispatcher, it had been determined that Veronica was suffering from a diabetic event.

The post mentions how well Violet acted on the phone, as well as when the first responders were there. This included managing her brother and the family dogs.

This is how the York Police Department summed up Violet's heroic actions...

Violet’s quick thinking was courageous, brave, and down right smart! Her decision to call 911 saved her mom’s life, and the York Police Department could not be more proud of her!

In fact, the department was so proud, they awarded Violet with York Police Department Heroism Award. Talk about a tremendous honor for the youngster.

The York Police also do a great job of making sure recognition goes to the dispatcher on the call, Siobhan McAfee. Dispatcher McAfee clearly did a wonderful job in asking the right questions, keeping Violet even keeled, and correctly directing authorities. According to the report, McAfee kept Violet on the phone for around 45 minutes, while the first responders helped her mother.

This is an all-around heartwarming story. In a world of never-ending negative news and tragedy, it's so uplifting to read about Violet's heroism. The future clearly seems bright for this quick-thinking kid.

And thanks to the York Police Department for sharing this epic story. It not only has a positive outcome, but it's a great example of why parents need to teach their kids about safety and the importance of knowing how to call 911 if need be.

Great job, Violet. Great job.

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