Are you as excited as I am to get outside and start exploring? I'm looking forward to a summer of adventures including as many new hiking trails as possible.

I'm not a super experienced hiker. If it involves ropes or various safety equipment, it's probably not my first choice. But I do love a challenge and a hike that ends in an incredible view. If you're looking for an easy-ish hike with beautiful scenery, Beech Cliff in Acadia National Park is for you.

Trail Details from

  • Trail Rating: Moderate
    (some steep grades, some level stretches)
  • Trail Length (roundtrip): 1.2 miles/1.9 km
  • Trail GPS (from Beech Hill Road): 44.31522; -68.343608

For hikers who are just worn out by overdoing it, or for those with family members whose knees just are as trustworthy as they've been, this is a safe and wonderful trail for everyone. Just a 1/2 mile from the car park and the view makes you want to just sit and take it all in. For anyone coming to Acadia, this is a great early morning or sunset roost for taking it all in. A must do when visiting Acadia.

- Trip Advisor Review by thebirchesgirl


The trail wound back and forth through exposed-root laden treeline, rock slides, and ascended cliff faces via metal ladders attached to the rock face.

- Trip Advisor Review by aaronmhuotari


A nice walk with a really beautiful view. The walk is not difficult although much of it is uphill. The final climb to the top of the rocks can be slightly difficult for some people.

- Trip Advisor Review by Tom H.


This starts off with a 'walk' through the woods and ends up with wonderful views of Echo Lake and parts of Some's Sound. You can take a short loop or also do Canada Cliffs which will still take you back to the same parking lot. An easy hike for a family.

- Trip Advisor Review by Jim P.

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