The Best Tacos in Maine…According to Me

I’ve already told you all about my opinion on tacos in Maine. While I do frequent our taco joints, they just don’t serve the quality of tacos a once-Miami-resident expects when she orders an Al Pastor.

For this reason, I was stoked to find out about Tomaso’s Canteen slinging top-rated, high-quality, drool-over tacos on Tuesdays. The tough part has been how fast they sell out and trying to get there before the hungry crowd of taco-lovers fighting for the best taco in town.

Disco Jalisco Food Truck is OPEN & On The Road!

My life just got a little easier and a whole lot better. I already expressed my excitement about Tomaso’s tacos hitting the road but the day finally arrived and the truck has hit the gravel.

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Disco Jalisco, a taco joint and food truck presented by Tomaso’s Canteen, had its inaugural day for the public this past taco Tuesday, June 21. I had this day on my calendar for weeks as soon as I got the word on when the doors, or window, would be open.

I grabbed some of my fellow taco lovers and we ran to Austin Street Brewery for the big day.

When I tell you it was worth the wait… it was HELLA worth the wait.

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They were already nearing sellout on some of their products but I was pumped to get my hands on some Crispy Coynes which I had already been thinking about for days. Look… at… THIS:

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You’re probably thinking to yourself, dude chill, they’re tacos, but are you looking at that photo?! Where else in Maine, honestly, can you get tacos that look like this. The colors, the layers of sweet-savory goodness, the fresh corn tortilla, ahh!

What you’re seeing here is three fresh tortillas, FRESH tortillas, filled with fried coconut haddock, citrus cabbage, pineapple salsa, disco crema, el Jardin, queso, and fresco.

They were crispy, sweet and savory, with a satisfying consistency, and nailed the perfect taco and flavor without being dry.

I was beyond content sitting out in the sun outside of Austin Street Brewery sipping on a refreshing and crushable non-alcoholic craft beer and having one of those moments where you’re like, you know what, life ain’t too bad.

Check out their Instagram to stay in the loop so you can get your hands on some, too.

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