It's not just in Portland anymore. Uber, the worldwide "ride" company that rivals taxi service, will expand to two more major cities in Maine, Lewiston and Bangor. According to the Bangor Daily News, that service will go live starting Wednesday.

The decision came from increased interest in the Uber app in both cities. There have been significant downloads of the app in the past few months. The company also stated that the large number of college students in both cities was a point of interest, with Bates College in Lewiston and the University of Maine right outside Bangor, in Orono.

The company will begin to look for more Uber drivers in both areas. Uber requires a series of important factors to be met in order to qualify as a driver. From there, riders can choose from various drivers in the area based on availability and star rating, with prices agreed upon through the smartphone app.

Uber has caused controversy worldwide as a rival of traditional taxi cab services. Uber claims that they are more reliable and a more modern way to get from point A to be point B. Uber launched their first service in Portland in 2014, and this will be the first expansion of the service within the state's borders.

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