After months of being "closed for renovations", neighborhood favorite Vivian's Drive-In has gone out of business. But a new restaurant is already in the works. 

On the corner of Walton street and Forest Avenue now lies a remnant of the good days gone by. For many longtime Portland residents, Vivian's Drive-In served as a reminder of when the city was filled with low cost, mom and pop restaurants serving All-American meals like burgers and hot dogs. Now, those residents will have to wave goodbye for good.

According to Portland Food Map, Vivian's Drive-In, which had been "closed for renovations" for months, isn't coming back at all. The long standing restaurant had been battling inconsistent hours for years and with burgeoning competition in the Portland marketplace, clearly fell behind. A new restaurant serving Venezuelan cuisine will be taking its place at the prime Forest Ave. location.

That restaurant, Luis's Arepera & Grill, already has one location in Saco. Portland residents may find a liking to Luis's, who promises to bring affordable Venezuelan cuisine to a city filled with an array of incredible international offerings. Their signature dish, the Arepa, is a thick, fried tortilla which is then filled with your choice of tangy chicken, tender braised beef, or one of their many other menu choices. Sounds delicious.



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