What a sight it was to see this giant one next to some kids on Peaks Island in some photos posted on Facebook by Jason Lindsay aka "Mr. Science" last week.

You really get a true sense of how large this creature is.

And now we can see one in action. With recent reports of Lion's Mane Jellyfish washing up on Maine beaches lately, this video is definitely something to behold.

Jeremy Grant is a talented Maine videographer. We've featured many of his adventures here over the past year. Through his fantastic work he has shown us an old shipwreck, taken us waterfall kayaking, gone fiddle heading with the pros, and more.

He is also the host of his videos. His passion for cool things to see and do in Maine may inspire you to "go discover something awesome" just like him.

One of his latest videos is very timely with the photos of Lion's Mane Jellyfish being shared around social media these days.

According to the description along with video on a Facebook post last Thursday, we'll being seeing more of Jeremy's visit with this hypnotic sea creature as he wrote,

"Instead of waiting until next week to share it in the full video. I thought I would share these cool clips now."

We wouldn't be surprised if we end up seeing Jeremy Grant's work on a wildlife program on something like NatGeo or Discovery Channel someday.

Everytime we see that he has posted a new video, we always check it out because we know it'll be something cool to see somewhere in Maine.

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