Over the weekend, I hit a high point as a musician: I actually heard someone cover one of my songs. I know, right? When on Earth did that become a thing? Needless to say, I'm flattered by the fact someone took the time to learn it! Even more flattering, though, was the fact that they invited me up to sing it with them!

The band in question is Toast, a local two-piece band made up of singer Emma Ivy and guitarist Justin Lindsay. Their original material sounds great, and can be found here!

The group is affiliated with the Maine Academy of Modern Music, which was holding the fundraiser where this musical deliciousness took place. MAMM is a non-profit music school that offers lessons, as well as ensembles, to kids in southern Maine interested in contemporary music styles. Check out their website here.

Thanks to Toast and MAMM for the fun night, and thanks to Herb Ivy for the video!

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