There's a tradition in law enforcement for retiring police officers to have their sign-off over the radio at the end of their final shift be a special moment. That was certainly the case for Windham Police Officer Paul Cox when he made his final sign-off Thursday and heard a tribute to him over the radio from his son.

Officer Cox has served in law enforcement for over 31 years and the outpouring of congratulations and gratitude to him on the Windham Police Department's Facebook page shows just how much he meant to his community and how much he will be missed.

When Cox made his final sign-off, the dispatcher stepped aside as a new voice came on to recount Officer Cox's illustrious career. You can see a reaction on his face to the voice that speaks of his accomplishments such as being a drug recognition expert, homeland security officer, firearms instructor, and being a part of the Southern Maine Task Force Against Human Trafficking.

The tribute wraps up with these heartwarming words: "I know that we, your family, are happy to have you home. Congratulations Dad. You've done more than enough to deserve this."

Congratulations from all of us Officer Cox. As a new resident of Windham, I have never had the pleasure of meeting you, although it might not have been as much of a pleasure for me if we met because I was doing 55 in a 40 on Route 302.

Enjoy your retirement and the well deserved time with your family. You have earned it.

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