This is looking to be one of the coolest rock shows all year. The Asylum and Spinout team up to present... MUDHONEY Live July 10th. 

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This is blowing my mind, but Mark Arm from the band says this is the first time he's ever been to Maine. Ever BEEN to Maine? Meaning it's the first time Mudhoney has ever played Maine? Unreal. That's bull---- and their former booking agent should be jailed for not allowing them a Maine gig in the past 25+ years. People have been looking forward to this show for a while. I'm so psyched for it myself. Right as summer gets going too! We still may have 4 feet of snow then, but it will be summer and this band will blow the roof of the Asylum. It will be a rock revival for those in doubt these days.

Here's some 'Honey jams to get your fired up. Also, check out this trailer from their documentary "It's Now". This film is really great and I challenge you to NOT think they were at the center of all that sh-- that went down in the pacific northwest 25 years ago. Mudhoney was the nucleus.