New England is famous for retail outlet stores, which obviously carry items that could be returns.

For instance, L.L.Bean is famous for their outlet stores filled with returns of monogrammed items, slightly used products, or discontinued articles.  They have a great collection.  You don't feel like it's used stuff, just good stuff at great prices.

So, imagine our surprise when we ordered from an online megastore (not L.L.Bean) a shirt jacket for our son, and it arrived perfectly packaged with immaculate folds, and still smelling like new.

He loved it, pulled it out of the packaging immediately, and put it on.  It fit beautifully and was cozy and warm, which we need on these cold New England winter days.

He was going on and on about how great this piece of clothing was, and it even had deep pockets.  Then he stuck his hands in the pockets, and a look came over his face which was priceless.

Ginny Rogers
Ginny Rogers

He proceeded to pull out a protein bar wrapper, and not one, not two, but three different receipts for various household items.  Remember, we live in New England.

One of the receipts was from Bed, Bath & Beyond in Northglenn, Colorado, for $175.33, for items like a massager, towel warmer, foot massager, Moscow Mule mug, and glass mug.  It sounded like the person who originally owned this jacket spent some good money on holiday gifts.  The receipt date was 12/18/22.

Also in the pocket was a receipt for Kipling Vape, Pipe & Tobacco show in Arvada, Colorado, for $70.16, also dated 12/18/22.

Then there was the receipt for Sam's Club in Arvada, Colorado, for $116.45.  This round of gift-giving included a robe, various over the counter meds, and ceviche.  Not quite as impressive, but the date of this receipt was 12/10/22.

So, this person wore this jacket more than just for a "try on".  They actually wore it around for days and snacked on a protein bar, probably hungry from all that shopping!

Ewww.  So, what would you do next?

My son wanted to keep the shirt jacket, as he needed it, it didn't smell, and it looked like a new item, although the evidence suggested otherwise.  I wanted to send it back, but if he was ok with it, I was ok with it.

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