just submitted their 4th edition of 'The Best Pizzerias in America'. Where do I sign up for a gig like that? A Maine pizzeria made their list for the second year in a row.

Slab Sicilian Street Food at 25 Preble Street in Portland gets the honors and represents Maine on their list.

Here's what the website had to say about Slab.

' Now on the list for the second straight year, Stephen Lanzalotta is a baker supreme, and his "hand slab" Sicilian pie can dance against nearly anyone and hold its own. But the reason for the second-straight inclusion is something we didn't have the first time around  the arrabbiata thin crust with "angry" red pepper-spiced sauce and Biellese pepperoni. It's a revelation -- all peppery, garlicky, delicious spice and meat on a perfectly crisp crust -- and enough of a reason to skip lobster in Maine for at least one meal.'

Where is your favorite place to get pizza in Maine?

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