For more than 4 decades, the brightly colored food "truck" known as Don's Lunch has called various spots in Westbrook its home. There have definitely been some speed bumps along the way for Don's Lunch but over the past few years, under new ownership, the classic food van has had a revival.

Don's Lunch took to Facebook to announce they'll be reopening this Wednesday in the same spot they spent last summer in, the Friendly Gas + Discount station on Main Street in Westbrook.

But there's more to the story than just that. According to the Portland Press Herald, the owner of Don's Lunch, Craig Bernier, is hopeful to make the Friendly Gas location something a little more permanent. His plan is to transform the out-of-business gas station into a sit down restaurant that could be open by this fall. That would also allow the iconic Don's Lunch van to be mobile, and appear at different locations across the state.

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