Cruise ship season begins this week in Portland with the arrival of the Artania. It arrives in Portland harbor at 7 am on Wednesday and it will be the first of 118 ships to visit. That's double the number of cruise ships from just two years ago! Close to 175,000 passengers will descend upon our city. The ships range in size from under 100 passengers to one that's close to 5000 passengers! The last cruise ship of the season arrives on November 7th. That's eight months of ships with September being the busiest month with 35 ships arriving. That's more than one a day...pretty amazing!

Broken out by month:

April-3 ships

May-9 ships

June-15 ships

July-11 ships

August-15 ships

September-35 ships

October-27 ships

November-1 ship



Check out this amazing drony hyper-lapse video from Sky High Maine photography. So beautiful, no wonder everyone wants to come to Portland!

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