Maine's culinary scene is once again receiving national praise. However, this isn't about one restaurant or ingredient. This article covers the whole shebang.

The popular food and travel site Far & Wide recently ranked every single state based on its cuisine and native ingredients. Our beloved Pine Tree State did exceptionally well, coming in with a ranking of 10th overall. Not only did it crack the top 10, but it was also the highest-ranked New England state. Take that, neighbors.

It's really no surprise to see Maine so high on the list. It's an unquestioned foodie state that just continues to gain more praise by the minute. It's also a state with a plethora of native goodies that are vastly popular nationwide.

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The easiest place to start is of course with lobster. But here's the thing, Far & Wide basically avoided lobster altogether. This is what the site said about our most famous food.

Does anyone else think lobster is kind of overrated? It’s expensive — like, really expensive — and often lacking in flavor. Sometimes it feels like eating butter-poached paper towels.

Those. Are. Fightin'. Words.

So, how on Earth did Maine still finish with a 10th ranking? That would be for the rest of Maine's spoils.

It contains wild blueberries or strawberries, tons of non-lobster seafood, the Seven-Napkin Burger, Whoopie Pies and Portland, the small city with a huge culinary scene. That’s how.

I love that both strawberries and blueberries were included. These never get enough credit when talking about the wonderful food from our state. Wild Maine blueberries are second to none, and have incredible health benefits. Maine's strawberries may not have a long season, but they can be just packed with flavor and are perfect for pie making.

I also like that the site attributes whoopie pies to Maine. I know some like to say they come from other states, but that's just ridiculous.

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Portland's culinary scene is probably the true saving grace, at least in this lobster-hating ranking. I'm sure I don't have to explain how incredibly delicious the city's scene is, though it does go well beyond Portland's border. South Portland, Biddeford, Brunswick, Bar Harbor, Rockland, and many other towns have started their own little scenes that continue to grow by the year.

The bottom line is that we are extremely lucky to be living here. Whether it's the wonderful restaurant culture or the delicious native food, Maine is perfect for that foodie in all of us.

Now, just imagine where Maine would be if the person ranking the states liked lobster.

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