As consistent snowfall creeps closer the temperatures continue to dip, many Maine businesses have put ideas into motion to continue being operational while also managing to keep patrons safe. One of the most popular innovations for this winter across New England has been adding "bubbles", a small, enwrapped space where close friend or family can enjoy a night out with almost no contact with anyone else. A few Maine restaurants have hopped on that idea, and now a popular brewery in Westbrook is getting in on the game as well.

Shared on Facebook by Mast Landing, they have unveiled their 'Igloo City' in their back patio space. Individual igloos will allow guests to enjoy some of Mast Landing's incredible beer (Gunner's Daughter is perfect for the winter) and also a bite to eat from their stationary food truck called Mainstay. Each igloo is fitted with its own individual heater as well as a filtration system to keep that heat balanced but also have a consistent and safe airflow during your visit. Mast Landing promises more information along with reservation information on Friday as the individual igloos are likely to be popular.


Another question that will certainly pop up as more businesses roll out their "bubbles" is, will they be here to stay in the future? Even when we're not living through a global pandemic, should every winter in Maine include outdoor igloos for a dining out experience? You never know.

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