It's pretty easy to get distracted by the incredible display of desserts and confections when you walk into Aurora Provisions on Portland's West End. Their cases have been filled with delectable treats for more than two decades. But according to the Portland Press Herald, that will all come to an end by Labor Day, as the owners of the business have decided to close their doors for good.

Aurora Provisions has been a neighborhood staple for West Enders for as long as most can remember. Whether it was a quick stop for a bottle of wine, to grab one of their delicious homemade sandwiches or to indulge in one of those sweet treats, Aurora has been there. But in recent months, it's been hard for Aurora to keep the cafe/shop staffed. The business also operates as a caterer of events and weddings, and has left the owners (and their employees) stretched thin. Ultimately, that led to the decision to close.

The business plans to honor any commitments it has through the end of October. The cafe/shop is expected to close over Labor Day weekend.

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