Sometimes there are fun things to do in Maine that are a little off the beaten path. How does an inflatable water park sound? Tucked away in the small town of Madison is a family-friendly inflatable water park that has been leaving those who know about it happy for years.

Via Roys Water Park

It's called Roy's Water Park, and it's filled with a variety of different water slides that are challenging and fun for children of all ages. The park also houses an arcade and an ice cream stand for those looking to mix things up. It's been a hit amongst locals in the area because of the cheap admission. Only ten bucks per person. And if you're a parent just bringing your kids to slide while sitting it out, you can get in for free!

Via Roy's Water Park

If you're curious about some of the water slides, Roy's website has this terrific photo gallery so you can peruse what you might be getting yourself into. Another common question is...where exactly is Madison, Maine? It's right outside of Skowhegan and Norridgewock. But for most Mainers, they're used to taking a road trip to do something fun.

Pack a lunch and a bathing suit and get ready to slide down the Big Wave!