A few days ago, I put up a couple pictures of something pretty commonplace in Portland--iron gating running along the front of a trimmed lawn somewhere in the city. More commonplace than I thought.A couple folks chimed in saying the gate looked very Franklin Arterial-like...or, like it surrounded Lincoln Park by the courthouse. (Which is cool, because this series started at Lincoln Park!)

However, this particular fence runs in front of the 137-year old Cumberland Club on High Street.

I've been in there for a St. Patrick's Day party, and a business thing with the Portland Chamber of Commerce.  Very cool, very stylin'.  A place you want to get dressed up to check out. The Cumberland Club is kind of the gateway to Portland's West End, and helps present Portland as a constant example of how it looks when you're suave and debonair.  My kind of town, Bub.

Again, thanks for sharing some of your summer traipsing around Portland with me.  Next week we'll wrap up this series, and come back after that with some more good stuff about this awesome place we call home.

Have a great weekend--one of my favorite words.  Bacon and Miracle are a couple more.

See ya, Tuesday.



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